Top 10 Best Water Sports of Marine Attractions in Bali Part 1

If you want to go traveling to Bali, you will see many tourist attractions you can get easily and you can choose based on the things you want to visit. The places options you can visit are beaches, marine attractions and many more. If you want to have such as different experience of journey, you can try to consider the marine attractions in Bali.

If you would like to visit the marine attractions, there are some water sports you can consider to do in your visitation. There are top 10 best water sports of marine attractions in Bali part 1 which you can consider what kind of water sports you want to try. It can make you have the different and get the great experience in your visitation in Bali Island. It also can make you have unforgettable moment in visiting this Island. The water sports in Bali you can try are:

  1. It is a kind of water sports which is the most famous water sports in Bali. There are many surf spots which you can try for the beginner and also for the pro one. The perfect waves of Bali are the best place to enjoy these sport activities. If you want to learn this sport activity, there are many surfing schools or classes around the beach, so you can try this water sport well.
  2. Scuba Diving. If you want to get the perfect view of underwater and see the bio diversity in Bali Island, the water sport which is perfect for you is scuba diving. You also can get the best panoramic of Bali’s underwater you will not regret to do. There are many best dive sites in this Island which you can enjoy and take some photos underwater.
  3. If you wonder about the underwater view of Bali Island, you can try to snorkel which is the easiest way for you to enjoy the diversity of reefs and fishes. There are many calm beaches which can be your best place to snorkel.
  4. If you like to do rafting rivers, you can try in this Bali Island also to get more experience and getting closer with the rare fauna and flora of Bali’s collection. If you want to get such as unique rafting experience, you can try to go to Canyon Tubing which can give your excited to this water sports.
  5. Stand Up Paddle. It is water sports which offer the different and fun way to ride the waves. All you have to do in this water sports is standing in such as large size board and hold the paddle. This activity allows you to enjoy the sightseeing of beautiful coasts in Bali with different angle of it.

Those are some of top 10 best water sports of marine attractions in Bali part 1 which you can choose to do in your visitation in Bali.  You will get many great experiences if you try to do the water sports in your visitation.

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