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The Importance of Calling an Estate Attorney Without Delay

Not many people plan for what happens to their estate while they are still in good health. If you are someone with considerable wealth and properties and advancing in age, you would do well to start thinking about what will happen to your estate in the event of your death. Death is certain but its timing is uncertain, and so it pays to be prepared for this. The truth is no one know when their time will be over. It is then important that, even now, you should be preparing for this day, and discussing with your estate attorney what to do with the estate upon your departure. Here are other reasons why calling an estate attorney is only for the best.

We have seen it all in the movies and read it in novels, where families squabble over the estate of a dearly departed. Surely, this is not the type of scenario you would want your family to face. You wouldn’t want them taking legal actions against each other over inheritance. And if you don’t create a will now, then this will definitely happen in the future. Access to the deceased’s funds will be by court order, depending on the size of your estate. Your loved ones can grieve properly on losing you, if you have left them with a will and testament to easily settle your estate.

If you have children under 18, you will need to appoint a guardian by law. The court decides who takes care of these young children if you guardian was appointed. The closest member of the family with the best financial position will usually be assigned by the court as guardian in absence of a direct assignment and a knowledge of how relationships are in your family. This might not be what you want for your young children. That is the importance of appointing a guardian for them as early as now. Make sure that appointing a guardian is near the top of the checklist for settling an estate.

Fighting over inheritance is inevitable for estate owners that has left no will for the family. An estate attorney should know the people who will be given an inheritance and what specifically they will get. This will prevent families from taking legal actions against each other.

Do not wait until you fall ill before discussing your will with an estate attorney. You will be greatly stressed to create a will when you are already sick. By the time you get ill, you will have great peace of mind that you are ready to depart and leave your family an estate which will be properly handed down to them.

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