Considerations for Sending Cover Letters and Applications to an Executive Staffing Agency

In today’s world of online job applications, it can be confusing to figure out whether a cover letter is necessary, advisable or even allowed. Many websites have an application form or an option to upload a resume, but no option to include a letter or an email. This is disconcerting to individuals who like to offer a polite introduction and perhaps explain their career goals. People looking for management positions and other high-level jobs sometimes use an executive Staffing agency. They can ask this firm for advice on the use of cover letters in the application process.

In general, executive recruiters do not care much about cover letters. They want to review each candidate’s resume and use the information to match those applicants with opportunities. Nevertheless, in these situations, a cover letter should still be included. It can be brief and straightforward, addressing any details that do not fit in a resume. For instance, information about willingness to relocate or travel can be noted in the letter. The recruiting agency representative typically reads the letter after carefully evaluating the resume.

One agency may prefer to have all materials submitted electronically only, while another likes to have hard copies sent by fax or through postal mail. An advantage of electronic submissions is that the recruiter can delete the cover letter if it mainly contains extraneous information that is not truly relevant to the search process. Some prefer the letter and resume are combined in an email or a website form, while others like to have the materials sent in an attached Word document.

It’s important to follow the submission specifications on executive recruiter websites. At Kaye/Bassman, for example, the application process begins with a simple online form instead of a resume and letter upload. The applicant can expect the company to send an email with further instructions. This type of agency sometimes is interested in hiring more recruiters, which is an intriguing possibility for many individuals. Those already working in sales or marketing may find executive recruitment to be an ideal fit. People from other fields also are encouraged to consider the opportunity.

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