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With technology being used in almost all sectors in the world, online trade has now become available for most individuals and countries. To this end, people take part in trading at the comfort of their homes. One of the brokers that provide individual traders with the platform they need in order to take part in the online trading process is Like other trading platforms, the broker requires that traders dedicate their time in trading.

A forex broker can be defined as a firm which provides currency and stock traders with the access to trading platforms which allows them to sell and buy foreign currency. They are also referred to as a forex broker or retail forex broker. The broker offers several charts for different industries such as stock, currencies, and commodities. As a broker, Tradex 1 provides the clients with a trading platform where they can trade foreign currency.

Currently, there are several persons who make good money by following the tips that the company provides in the platform. According to trading analysts, when one dedicates their time in investing in the online trading, they have a better opportunity to make money.

For new traders, they can create a demo account on the company’s platform so that they learn before they invest their real money. The demo account allows a newbie to train and be a good trader. For new traders, they usually lose their money in online trading platforms since they have no experience. However, opening a trading demo account in the broker’s platform allows them to pass through all the challenges which may lead them to lose hope as they trade. is a forex broker who offers competitive spreads for all forex traders. The broker has no hidden charges or restrictions. The company collects prices from liquidity providers fast thus enabling the client to receive the best BID price without any intervention from the outside sources.

The broker provides all clients with a dedicated 24/7 help line that they can ask any question regarding their accounts when they have a technical challenge. Clients can seek help when they experience a problem through the online live chat, email, or phone call. Customer representatives are always ready to help during the day or night.

Another important feature of company’s online platform is the fact that one can withdraw their money when they want. Since it is not always advisable to reinvest profits gained from online platforms since the directions of the market may change anytime, having a platform which allows you to withdraw money faster is an important factor when selecting a forex broker. To this end, the broker allows customers to withdraw their profits anytime they feel they have earned enough. The withdrawal process is simple. One only needs to log into their account and click on the withdrawal option. They can then request to withdraw their money from their banks.

Over the last few years, Tradex 1 has positioned itself as a reputable forex broker in currency trading. The broker offers clients with a web platform where they can register thus allowing them to engage in the forex market. Tradex1 also allow all the users to use the Meta trader 4 platform. To trade on MT4 platform, company’s clients need to download the platform on their phones or computers. In the platform, clients can manage their trades as well as use the automated trading strategies. The customized platform is available from the broker’s website for free.

Additionally, the trade x1 allows customers to engage in community discussions where they discuss concept and ideas about trading strategies with other members. This means that traders can share their experiences about trading in the company’s forum section of the website.

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