7 Types Of Catering Services And Reasons To Hire Them

What comes straight to your mind when catering companies are mentioned? The most obvious thing is food. However, these companies offer more than just foods. They can help you decorate and prepare your special occasion and food will be a part of the event. Caterers will also take care of important details like guiding your guests and so on. This is an overview of the 7 types of catering.

1. Table d’hôte

If you need warmth and lots of generosity, consider table d’hôte. It involves a display of meals on the table by the chef and your guests are expected to stand in line and get served.

2. Traditional buffet

The traditional buffet is more of a greater version of table d’hôte. Various tables are set for different courses from appetizers, main course, and dessert. Guests can take the tables that provide whatever meals they need.

3.Open house

Foods and beverages are offered throughout the event in an open house catering service. It is the commonest option for most party organizers.

4. French catering

French service is ideal for corporate meetings and formal dining. Different waiters are assigned their specific duties. So, the guests don’t have to approach the table to serve food; the waiters bring food to them.

5. Russian service

It is a type of service with a comfortable aura for the venue. The catering crew serves and presents meals on trays. The guests take food and refreshments from the tray.

6.Cocktail party

Foods and drinks are offered at the front doors. Guests get their drinks as soon as they arrive.

7. Served plated to guests

It is most common in hotels whereby every plate given out to the customers is arranged systematically by the chef.

Reasons you should hire catering services in Auckland

You have many reasons to hire catering services in Auckland. But make sure you understand the different types of services available. If you have an important event, it is important that you hire a catering company to avoid common problems. With a catering crew at your service, you can rest assured that your guests are served courteously and no one is left thirsty or hungry. Whether you are hosting new business partners or planning a wedding, you can simplify your work and still save your money. At first, you might not know where to start given the countless number of delicious meals and menus. After deciding on the type of service, then you can move to menu selection as you save your time and budget. These are some of the events that might necessitate hiring a catering crew:

  • For your wedding
  • Office meeting
  • Social events e.g. birthdays, barbeques etc.
  • Sporting events

With your catering category determined, what is left is to take control of the meals you order. Do not overlook your budget despite the many choices; you don’t want to end up with too much food which cannot eat or afford. Note that professional caterers are not only servants but artists as well. They will give you amazing foods that fit your budget and occasion. Get as much information about a catering company as you can to have a stress free event with great food and great service.

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